Thursday, June 18, 2009

A pic

Here's a little snap of me in the backyard this morning.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I'd been doing my little naked morning walk for about 4 days (this was still a couple of weeks ago). I guess I'd gotten more comfortable with it. I did notice that one of my neighbors seemed to be home. I heard sounds of power tools coming from his backyard. But he is behind his own privacy fence two houses over, so I wasn't concerned.
This day, I was about half-way across the yard when I happened to glance to my left. Yikes! That neighbor was now on the other side of his fence - in the yard next to mine, with only chain link between us. Apparently he was working on his own fence and so, thank god, was facing away from me.
Since I was naked, including being barefoot, I had made almost no noise walking across the grass and he didn't look around. As you can imagine I high-tailed it back to the house. I don't think he ever did see me, but I can tell you, my heart was pounding. If I had not noticed him, but continued to the trash can, I would have made quite a lot of noise dumping cans and bottles into the bin. I'm sure he would have at least glanced over and - busted!
That was it for that day, and you can bet I looked around carefully the next morning. I did go out again, though. I thought it was important to "get back up on the horse" after a scare. I've continuing my little morning ritual without incident so far.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First steps

So a couple of weeks ago I noticed that my neighborhood is quite dead on weekday mornings. When I looked out my back door around 8:30 or 9:00, I rarely saw anyone around in the alley or the surrounding yards.
What the hell, I thought, and stepped outside totally naked (I don't generally wear clothes around the house, so I was already naked). It was a lovely morning, still cool and breezy and the air felt great on my skin. I looked around again. My yard has chain link fencing, on three sides. There are a lot of trees and shrubs, but I would have been visible from at least five other yards plus the alley if anyone were looking.
I stepped back inside and picked up my recycling basket. Our trash and recycling is picked up from the alley that runs behind our houses. It's about 50 feet from the door to the trash cans, and I took a deep breath and stepped out again. This might seem tame to some, but I got quite a thrill walking out to the back fence and back. I admit I walked pretty fast, but I didn't run.
I made it back without incident and felt a great little buzz of adrenaline. This has now become my morning routine. I've decided not to do it on weekends when there is more activity in the neighborhood. People are up and outdoors early and I'm not that daring.
So that's how I've started being naked in unusual circumstances. I'm going to see if I can manage some more "moments" and if I can keep up with blogging about them. I might include some pics later too, we'll see. . .
That's all for now - just the beginning.